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Salon Promotional Ideas

Salon Promotional Ideas

written by:  published: 06 March 2012

1. Promotional Videos
Create promotional videos and upload to YouTube - Creating your own YouTube TV channel is free and easy to do. Add promotional videos for your salon including a tour and perhaps an overview of the range of beauty treatments your salon has to offer.

2. Get Links to Your Website
If your beauty salon has its own website, then getting links to it from other beauty related websites is a must. These links (known as back links) help promote your website up the search engine results. There are loads of websites you can visit to get back links including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Places, YouTube, www.hairdressersandsalons.co.uk to name but a few.

3. Submit Your Beauty Special Offers to Websites / Beauty Directories / Social Media
There are plenty of websites out there that encourage you to post details of beauty offers you may have available. Literally thousands of people search for beauty offers every day, so by listing yours on your own website, in beauty directories and on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, you are maximising the potential of reaching a larger audience. Be warned though; make sure you get the details right as you risk getting deluged if you get it wrong!

3. Google Ecommerce
Many beauty salon websites offer the ability to buy beauty treatments and products online. Get your beauty products into Google Shopping results for free - visit this page for more info - http://support.google.com/merchants/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=188493

4. Locally Targeted Website Pages
Add locally targeted beauty pages to your website - If your beauty salon has its own website, then you should try and add pages to it that target local search phrases such as 'beauty salon headingly', 'minx nails bradford', 'recommended salons leeds'. By including this type of page in your website (and providing it has good text content and images) you stand a chance of your beauty salon website being listed for this ty

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