Permanent Makeup Directory

Permanent Makeup Directory

A Permanent Makeup directory is an excellent way to find Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup businesses in your local area offering treatments such as permament lip liner, eyebrows, Botox and lots more.
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Our directory contains details of businesses situated throughout the UK offering Permanent Makeup services. Each business has their own dedicated page within our website, containing photos, links to treatment price lists, special offers, directions etc. If you own a business offering Permanent or Semi Permanent makeup, adding your business to one of our directories is free and easy to do.
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It’s really easy to search our website for Permanent Makeup service. Enter a town, county, postcode or the name of the business you are looking for in the box below and hit the Search button - we do the rest!
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Our Other Beauty Directories

In your search for local Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup services, you may also be interested to know that we also have a Beauty Salon Directory, a Mobile Beauty Therapists Directory, and a Male Grooming Directory where you can find details of a local UK based beauty business offering services such as body waxing, IPL, facials and body wrap treatments, etc.

Add Your Permanent Makeup Business To Our FREE Directory

Use our free one click Permanent Makeup directory registration service

Does your business or salon offer a permanent / semi permanent makeup service and are you looking for a free way to promote your treatments and services? Adding your business to our directory could not be easier. You can either register your Permanent Makeup business online yourself, or, if you are short of time, take advantage of our FREE one click registration service – allowing you to get your Permanent or Semi Permanent Makeup business registered in our directory in less than a minute!

Benefits of UK Permanent Makeup Directories

There are lots of benefits to be gained from adding your business to UK Permanent Makeup directories including:-

  • Permanent and semi permanent makeup services are quite specialist, which suits the internet a treat! People looking for this type of treatment often turn to the internet to find local practitioners. Adding your business to our directory will help gain you this type of enquiry.
  • It is thought that up to a third of adults in the UK use smartphones, with many of these people using them to locate local beauty and makeup services. Our website is tailored for mobile phone visitors, benefiting your business.
  • Can't afford your own website? Permanent Makeup directories are an excellent alternative for getting your beauty service on the web without the expense.
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